Freshpoint is a technology company focused on developing intelligent solutions for the packaging industry. Our core competency is the development of innovative, patent protected solutions that meet the needs of industry mega trends including traceability, food safety, health and wellness. 

We have commercialized a range of intelligent indicators in partnership with leading multinational corporations including Time Temperature Indicators, Secondary Shelf Life Indicators, Temperature Threshold Indicators and more.

News & Events

18 June,2015

Freshpoint is delighted to announce a strategic investment from Landa Ventures, the investment arm of the Landa group, which identifies promising young technology companies that have potentially disruptive solutions and operate in large markets. 

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27 May,2014

An EU Report found that up to 50% of food waste could be improved through better storage and transport methods, together with retailer and consumer education. 

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23 April,2014

Freshpoint will be exhibiting at FMI Connect on June 10-13,  2014 in Chicago at the PMMI Pavilion, ‘Innovations in Food Packaging’.

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DueDrop is a visual indicator that clearly signals the end of the product’s secondary shelf life, encouraging consumers to use the product at it’s best, and designed to stimulate re-purchase when the product is determined to have expired.


Suitable for cosmetic products, the active indicator can be accurately calibrated to cover shelf lives ranging from a from a few days to a few years at room temperature.