Time Temperature Indicators for Healhcare

TTI’s are designed to indicate the true shelf-lives of the products they are monitoring at unit level, as determined by its time-temperature history. The benefits of unit level cold chain monitoring include:

  • Ensuring Product Safety / Quality
  • Ensuring Product Efficacy / Potency
  • Lowering Costs Associated with Waste and Handling

Vaccine Vial Monitors

Our Vaccine TTI’s are manufactured to comply with WHO standards for Vaccine Vial Monitors (VVM’s), by utilizing a technology flexible enough to be applied to all WHO vaccines.

Biological Drugs

The shelf-life of most biological drugs is impacted, to a large degree, by the temperature conditions to which they are exposed, whether during manufacture, transport or storage.

Our intelligent indicators are applied to unit level primary or secondary packages, and monitor the aggregate temperature history from production through use, indicating the accurate shelf-life of the product visually.

Healthcare Alerts

Many products in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare environments require frequent rotation.

Our visual indicators are activated by healthcare workers, and provide a clear visual indication of when the product needs to be replaced.