25 June, 2017

European Parliament proposes to cut European food waste in half by 2030

Environment MEPs recently put forward a number of possible measures to cut the EU 88 million tonnes per year food waste in half by 2030. MEPs called on the European Commission to lift existing restrictions on food donations and stressed a solution is needed for the confusion created for many consumers by the “best before” and “use by” labelling. “In developed countries food is ...

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20 October, 2016

Technology companies gearing up for for healthier eating

October 2016 Nestlé and Samsung are launching a research collaboration to explore the potential of nutrition science and digital sensor technologies to provide new insights into healthy living. They are developing a new digital health platform to provide individuals with more personalized recommendations around nutrition, lifestyle and fitness than previously possible.   For ...

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9 October, 2016

Simple Steps by Consumers Can Curb Food Waste

Published in the NY Times, September 21st, 2016.  The next time you toss out a burger, imagine taking a 90-minute shower. That’s how much water it took to produce that burger and get it to you. Wasting food wastes everything. Americans trash more than one-third of our food supply and throw out the equivalent of nearly a quarter of our water supply in the form of uneaten food. ...

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26 September, 2016

Best Before dates are ‘Bad News’

With pressure mounting on the European commission to reinstate food waste targets in its Circular Economy strategy a recent report from Berlin’s Humboldt University claims that confusion surrounding Best Before labels are a major contributor to the problem, says a recent article in Food Navigator. German companies are not doing a good job communicating with their customers about the food ...

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5 September, 2016

Freshpoint to attend the AIPIA Congress

Freshpoint CEO Yoav Levy will be attending the AIPIA World Congress in Amsterdam, November 14 and 15 2016. The congress is the worlds leading event of it's kind dealing with high-tech solutions for packaging. To schedule a meeting, please use our contact form or send a note to info@freshpoint-tti.com

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